Smart Email Seeker

Smart Email Seeker is a computer program for SEO professionals, affiliate managers and for everybody who needs a tool for email extraction and sending emails.

Smart Email Seeker seeks emails in three main Search Engines – Google, Altavista, Bing. This program imitates a web browser so there will be no need to care about search engine API.

This program seeks websites for a given keyword and there are running eight threads seeking emails inside these websites. Emails are extracted from the content in the website. It is very fast and convenient tool.

Smart Email Seeker works very fast. Searching for emails can be as fast as few minutes depending on your Internet connection speed.

Afterwards you can select recipients for sending emails. You can write an email template and just send this template to recipients.

This program saves emails and additional information to the local database so you will know that you have sent a given email or not.

All of this is fully automated and if you set up your connection information in settings you can use this program at once.

Just download the DEMO of this program.


Smart Email Seeker requires .NET 3.5 framework to run.